Christmas Knitting in July

You didn’t think I would forget the knitters out there in our Christmas celebration did you? Here are six Christmas knitting projects for those of you looking for inspiration. And remember we have over 16,000 free knitting patterns available on Knitting At Play.

Christmas knitting

1. Christmas Elf from the Knitted Toy Box - I’m slightly obsessed with peg people so I love that these little elves are made for pegs.

2. Holly Leaves from Cbemyrka – It’s hard to find a good holly leaf pattern so when you do you should make sure and hold on to that pattern. This one is definitely bookmark worthy.

3. Mini Christmas Stockings from Free Knitting Patterns - These little stockings would be great to hang on a tree or use as gift toppers.

4. Snowman pot holders from DROPS Design – If you’re looking for a great gift to make for those hard to buy people on your list I suggest starting on some of these.

5. Yarn Basket Ornament from Red Heart - Another ornament for the tree, I love the little needles in this one.

6. Mini Envelope Ornaments from Duo Fiberworks – One last ornament to finish off our collection. These mini envelopes would be great to send to long distance friends.

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